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Integrated Products

IRA Processing

Integrated Products of the Insite Banking System: Integrated Products

Ability to track history and transactions for Individual Retirement Accounts, Roth, Roth Conversions, Medical Savings Accounts, Educational IRA's, Keoughs, SEPs, and more!

  • Allows multiple retirement accounts for one individual.
  • Automatic interfacing with the Certificate of Deposit Module which alleviates having to reenter transactions.
  • Complies with Federal Guidelines in providing electronic filing medium at the End of Year and on April 15th.
  • Creates customer contribution and distribution statements along with a 5498 statement for April 15th processing.
  • Account balance verification makes it easy to track incorrect postings and various distribution/ contribution types.
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Insite iTeller, Insite Document Imaging, and Insite Check Imaging were the best twenty-first century choices for the task.
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