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Demand Deposit Accounting

Integrated Products of the Insite Banking System: Demand Deposit Accounting

Demand Deposit Accounting Handles regular DDA, NOW, Super NOW, Money Fund accounts, Ready Reserve, and Overdraft protection.

There are a variety of features you can implement for your customers with cash reserve accounts or Ready Reserve and fund sweeps that automatically transfer funds. The eliminates tedious manual work.

  • Provides current balances, available, or memo (real-time for each individual account.
  • Performs stop payments and deposit holds.
  • Automatically cycles statements and ability to print interim snapshot statements.
  • Offers uni-statement option by customer: i.e., ability to show savings, CDís and loans on DDA statement.
  • Flexible interest payment methods.
  • Flexibility of service charges by cycle and customer type based on the selected specifications.
  • Tiered balance service charging.
  • Support for check-image capture products and image statements.
  • Gives profitability information by account (as a by-product of end of cycle processing).
  • Allows automatic transfers to and from savings.
  • Allows automatic loans to cover overdrafts.
  • Performs float control and analysis.
  • Allows unlimited exception reporting through the Report Writer.
  • Provides choice of statement formats.
  • Handles sweep accounts.
  • Integrated Document imaging for signature cards, financial statements and the like.

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Installation of the Document Image Scanner and PC stations in both Florence and Strong City have proven to increase not only our customer service, but overall record keeping efficiency as well.
K.L. Linnens
Vice President
Cottonwood Valley Bank

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