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Central Information File

Integrated Products of the Insite Banking System: Central Information File

The Insite Banking System Central Information File (CIF) module provides the foundation for all of the application processing modules. This module maintains a central file on all accounts within the system. This allows easy access to information concerning each customer’s total relationships with the bank – through the CIF inquiry feature, which summarizes all accounts linked to each individual customer.

  • Ability to tie an unlimited number of accounts to an individual customer CIF profile.
  • Detailed inquiries can be selected for any account listed on the CIF profile window.
  • Simplified CIF lookup methods – just enter at least the first letter of the customer’s name or the actual CIF number.
  • Provides current information on DDA accounts, Savings accounts, Time Deposits and Loan accounts.

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Features such as an online teller application with imaging, online bill pay, and imaged cash letters, have enhanced customer service and improved backroom efficiency.
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