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Customer Service and Software Support
Insite Banking System: Customer Service and Software Support
In addition to our toll-free support, we also offer at no additional charge modem communication for rapid diagnosis and immediate correction of any data or software errors.

We make it our priority to respond to all reported client problems in a timely manner. Whether this is extended phone hours, modem support, software patches, or just a listening ear we are here to lend assistance.

In addition to our excellent customer support, we also serve our customers' needs by a secured Internet site for FAQ’s, user forum, and problem solutions. Furthermore, we post all enhancement requests and their status so our users know when to expect their requests helping to assist in keeping our communication lines open.

To further assist our customers in daily processing on the Insite Banking System we have built-in to our software online documentation so you can find your answers without even picking up the telephone. All of the information is available to you right on your screen and only with the click of a button from the Insite Banking System.

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We find there are a lot less mistakes as the checks are read by CAR/LAR software and amounts are automatically put into the transaction fields, which eliminates a lot of keying by the teller.
Rick Kunze
State Bank of Table Rock

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