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Insite Real-Time ATM™

Insite Real-Time ATM™ for Community Banks.

Automated Systems, Inc. offers a cost-effective real-time ATM processing solution. This solution provides operational efficiencies over traditional batch processing. The key to real-time processing is the transaction server, which is used to facilitate the flow of transaction information between the transaction origination point and the Insite Banking System™ application database. The real-time connection eliminates the need of manually "swapping" data between disjointed systems and provides up-to-the-minute account memo balances.

The adoption of a real-time ATM processing solution can lead to lower collection costs as previous inefficiencies that created the potential for customers to draw on negative fund balances are eliminated. Real-time ATM processing results in a customer's balance information being simultaneously updated in both the bank and the ATM databases following a transaction, which eliminates the potential for drawing on "phantom funds".


  • Enhance customer banking experience
  • Lower collection costs
  • Real-time account memo balances
  • Eliminate "float"
Automated Systems, Inc. offers real-time solutions with:
  • Fifth Third

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SHAZAM and ASI Offer Real-Time ATM Interface Solutions
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