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Insite iPortal™ from Automated Systems, Inc.

Insite iPortal™

Automated Systems, Inc. offers a bank portal solution specifically designed for community financial institutions. The Insite iPortal™ facilitates collaborative communication and seals the gaps between operators, management and directors. As the bank Intranet site, iPortal creates an efficient, easy-to-use application for all bank personnel.

Management portal benefits:

  • Organizational tools to create content you can easily browse and share
  • Fully customizable site allowing financial institutions to create their own Intranet home page
  • Ability to electronically review and sign required documents
  • Ability to comment on reports for future reference
  • Security that protects you and your customers’ information
  • Increased earnings by reducing printing and storage costs associated with most reporting environments

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The ability to utilize the Insite Check Imaging application to transmit an electronic cash letter is just another example of how the staff of Automated Systems works with their bank clients to implement cost-effective technology to keep them ahead of the curve.
Mike Berkley
Bennington State Bank

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