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Integrated Products of the Insite Banking System: Loans

The Insite Banking loan modules efficiently handles Installment, Commercial, Student, Real Estate, Home Equity and Participation Loans.

  • Works with master note and individual note concept.
  • Includes multiple repayment plans: single payment, full payment, scheduled principle and/or interest, amortized.
  • Allows multiple interest methods.
  • Performs insurance premium tracking for rebating.
  • Handles variable rate loans and payment recalculating.
  • Stores Collateral Information in each loan record.
  • Provides delinquency tracking: late charges, notices, and aged delinquencies.
  • Creates payment, maturity and past due notices.
  • Prints amortization schedule in Loan Calculator.
  • Handles multiple interest methods in Loan Calculator.
  • Creates Loan History Ledgers for any period.
  • Performs full accrual accounting.
  • Provides flexible management/exception reporting.
  • Handles loan advances to cover overdrafts.
  • Loan tickler tracking.
  • Loans notepad tied to individual loans or customers.
  • Ability to payoff loan with single transaction code even with insurance rebates, late charges, and escrow balances.
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The ability to utilize the Insite Check Imaging application to transmit an electronic cash letter is just another example of how the staff of Automated Systems works with their bank clients to implement cost-effective technology to keep them ahead of the curve.
Mike Berkley
Bennington State Bank

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